We do IT management by Touch.

Servers & Groups

  • All computers by default are grouped by type.
  • Categorize computers by user defined groups.
  • Lists computers and displays their status.
  • View computer details.
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  • Users can manage and define monitors for their systems. Monitors include CPU, Memory, Disk, Event Log and Services.
  • Instantly set up monitors by touch, sliding your fingertip to set your desired threshold.

Monitoring Templates

  • Use the pre-defined templates to apply monitoring rules for a group of computers.
  • Users can access and download application specific templates as they become available from our template library.


  • Receive app alert notices, push notifications and emails for both disrupted and restored services. Users can decide which notification channel they prefer to use through the app settings or web admin portal.
  • View alerts to check the status of your computers. Users can acknowledge alerts in order to change status.
  • Users have the ability to easily adjust monitoring thresholds as needed.
  • View a complete alert history of a computer.

Remote Access

Anywhere, anytime you can access system detailed information such as CPU, Memory and Disk utilization.

Remote Access

Check your systems network details, event log, stop and start services and end processes.

Remote Access

Manage your computers using various task based functions such as NSLookup, Port Query, or Restart your computer.
Maintenance mode allows you to work on a computer without receiving alert notices.

VMware Management

  • vCenter or standalone ESXi host
  • Host level: CPU, Memory utilization and Shutdown, Reboot, Maintenance Mode.
  • VM Guest level: CPU, Memory, Disk utilization, Power Off/On, Suspend/Resume, Reset, Shut Down
  • VM Guest live console
  • VM Guest modify # of CPU, Size of memory
  • VM Guest migration ( vMotion)
  • VM Guest simple association with Infradog managed server instance by one touch ( InfraDog ONLY)
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IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) Management

  • Support HP iLO; Dell DRAC; IBM RSA; Fujitsu ServerView and other IPMI compatible devices
  • Cold Reset; Power On or Off
  • Real-Time CPU and Mainboard temperature and cooling fan speed
  • In App Association between IPMI connection and InfraDog managed physical Instance
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Network Device Monitoring

  • Connection status for network connected devices (Printer, Router, Storage, Firewall etc.)
  • Port monitoring
  • Port scanning
  • Device model, manufacturer, MAC address discovery
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Generate and email a comprehensive inventory and systems detail report on demand.

Hardware Warranty

  • Access server hardware warranty information simply by touching serial #
  • Major server hardware vendor support ( HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu)
  • Warranty reporting coming soon
  • Warranty notification coming soon

User Management

  • All user and device management features and functions can be performed from InfraDog’s mobile app or from our web admin portal.
  • Add new users or change user roles from your account.
  • Change device status and manage notification channels for alerts.
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  • From a single mobile device you can manage multiple client IT environments.
  • This feature is designed for Managed Service Providers or IT consultants.
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