Mobile Multi-Profile Support for Managed Service Provider

Toronto, Canada, April 20th, 2014 - InfraDog Inc., the Toronto-based enterprise mobile solution provider, has added mobile Multi-Profile support for managed service provider.

Since we released our first Server Mobile Admin app last year we have received many customer feedbacks to improve our product. The most common feedback came from managed service provider is to manage multiple clients on mobile using single email address. Our new released multi-profile feature is specifically addressing these requirements of MSP business model.

Key Features for Managed Service Provider Support
  • Single email address access multiple InfraDog accounts
  • Activate Management Point with selected account
  • Assign team member to multiple InfraDog account by email address
  • Update Management Point version on mobile

This Multiple Profile feature is only available to subscribed accounts.

InfraDog is making great strides to disrupt traditionally complex, expensive, and resource intensive enterprise data access methods and practices, making it simpler, faster, convenient and more cost effective than ever. From anywhere, anytime securely access your enterprise business on any Android or iOS mobile device.

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