Real-time VMware Management on Mobile from Anywhere

InfraDog adds VMware support to it’s core product, available for both iOS and Android

Toronto, Canada, September 30th, 2013 – InfraDog Inc., officially releases the addition of VMware support for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Now you can manage your virtual IT infrastructure anywhere, securely on mobile without compromising firewalls or access through VPN. InfraDog’s advanced technology also provides the world’s fastest communications gateway available for VMware access on mobile.

Besides common VMware host and guest operational tasks, InfraDog VMware support includes key features to dynamically scale # of CPUs and size memory usage on live VM guests. Plus using vMotion, migrate VMs from one ESXi host to another.

Key Features of VMware Support

Quick and easy deployment – Discover ESXi or vCenter from the Management Point console, without agents.

Fast access anywhere – Baseline access times less than 1 second from mobile to your VMware environment anywhere in the world.

VMware Management

  • vCenter or standalone ESXi host
  • Host level: CPU, Memory utilization, Shut Down, Reboot, and Maintenance Mode
  • VM Guest level: CPU, Memory, Disk utilization, Power Off/On, Suspend/Resume, Reset, and Shut Down
  • VM Guest live console
  • VM Guest modify # of CPU and Size of Memory usage
  • VM Guest migration (vMotion)
  • Simple VM Host association to VM guest OS instance by single touch (Available ONLY from InfraDog)

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InfraDog is making great strides to disrupt traditionally complex, expensive, and resource intensive IT management methods and practices, making it simpler, faster, convenient and more cost effective than ever. From anywhere, anytime securely manage your critical IT assets on any Android or iOS mobile device.

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