InfraDog Shaping the Future of IT Asset Management with NFC on Mobile

Near Field Communications (NFC) revolutionizes how IT assets will be managed in real-time

Toronto, Canada, August 8th, 2013 – InfraDog Inc., officially releases a revolutionary way to manage IT assets. Included in our latest Android app release, we are Introducing to the world, real-time asset management using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This is another first by InfraDog, which will significantly mark the beginning for the future of how assets will be managed.

Now you can manage the life-cycle of your assets in real-time, accessible on-demand, from any NFC enabled smartphone device. Additionally, InfraDog also supports barcode for both Android and iOS, primarily because NFC is currently not available for Apple devices, however we believe it will be included in the release of iOS version 7. A smartphones on-board camera can be used to read barcodes for managing assets, for devices which don’t currently support NFC.

The asset management feature is built in to the mobile app, so once your computers have been discovered using InfraDog Management Point, simply apply a NFC tag or barcode tag to the device(s). From the in-app device detail page, associate/set function by simply tapping the NFC tag or by scanning the barcode with the smartphone camera. Once you have set or associated the device to the tag you can begin to track and manage the assets on mobile.

Asset Management Release Benefits

Asset Management as a Service – Simplify your service and management model, saving time and money not having to procure different vendor software products or develop a proprietary software solution to manage your assets. If you are currently using an asset management solution, InfraDog service can help improve your company’s ability to track and maintain your assets.

Accuracy and Consistency with NFC – NFC eliminates many existing challenges and issues caused by barcode tags and readers. With NFC no longer will you need to concern yourself with human errors made when manually labelling or updating critical asset details on spreadsheets or other archaic methods.

Real-time Tracking and Management – With most traditional asset tracking systems, once an asset leaves your premise you can only access and manage the asset, by making an onsite visit or by acquiring the asset back. Our solution provides real-time asset tracking and management of your IT assets as a built in feature of InfraDog. So, whether your assets are online or offline you can get the last known configuration details using the in-app display or by generating a report.

Enhanced Operations and Service Management – Operational, facilities or on-site technicians can simply verify a hardware device (server) just by tapping or reading the barcode from their mobile device to retrieve its configuration details plus warranty and support information. NFC and barcode improves how you manage your physical IT assets without having to login to a console to retrieve and verify server details. With NFC and barcode you can retrieve your server information even when the system is offline, so an on-site support technician can correctly identify and service the correct server accurately and more efficiently.

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InfraDog is making great strides to disrupt traditionally complex, expensive, and resource intensive IT management methods and practices, making it simpler, faster, convenient and more cost effective than ever. From anywhere, anytime securely manage your critical IT assets on any Android or iOS mobile device.

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